A Means to Open the World

The latest edition of Verse Wisconsin has just been published and it includes a discussion among women poets who blog — including me. Check out “A Means to Open the World: A Conversation Around Blogging, Five Women in Three Acts.”

I mention a particular post from this blog in the interview and the link to it is here:

“Reorientation,” on breaking up with yourself and others and starting over.

And since we’re talking about writers’ blogs, here are a few highlights from this blog from the past year:

“Looking for a Reason,” on Newtown, Hiroshima, and art as a mirror.

“The Writer and the Bullies,” on a lesson about self-protection that I learned from one of my writing workshop students.

“Graduation,” on aspiring to be a housewife-writer.

And, as mentioned in the Verse Wisconsin interview, I’m still close with members of my Antioch University-Los Angeles MFA in Creative Writing cohort. Here are a few of their blogs:

Emtypes: A blog from poet Heather Mingus.

Kristen Forbes: Writer. Reader. Cupcake Maker: Kristen, a fiction writer.

Elaina Ellis: Elaina, a poet-performer.

Together: Words and Pictures for Art and Culture: Writer Pazit Cahlon (a collaborative effort with designer-husband Hector Herrera),

Bellemacabre: Fiction from Sarah Hutchins.

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