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Upcoming Publications

I’m happy to announce two upcoming publications: I’ll have a short story from my emerging collection, American Bittersweet, published in Fire & Water, an anthology of literary climate fiction due out in summer 2021 from Black Lawrence Press. The story is called “The Doorman” and it features a magical realism vibe and a cast of wild animals! I’ll also have a poem coming out in a queer Midwestern anthology called Sweeter Voices Still, from Belt Publishing. It’s available for pre-order now!

New Publications

Milwaukee Noir

I’ve got a story, “Cousins,” in the Milwaukee Noir installment of Akashic Books’ acclaimed “city noir” series. I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to write about my beloved city again. In the case of “Cousins,” I’m writing about Silver City, the near-South Side neighborhood, part of which I represented for eight years on the school board. I bent the traditional hyper-hetero/cis gender noir genre for this story: The protagonists are a gay woman and her trans* cousin.

On that note: Here’s an invitation to all of you writers to say “yes” whenever possible. If you know my writing, you know that I LOVE a happy ending. I’m a tender-hearted creature-writer who must be prodded to let my characters suffer. The noir genre, with its violence and sordid underbelly-ness, is far from my natural instincts. But I said “yes” when editor Tim Hennessy asked me to contribute a story to the Milwaukee Noir collection, because I believe in stretching myself as much as possible as a writer—and I love Milwaukee. “Darkness?!” I thought. “I don’t write darkness!” But apparently, I do. And then something even more amazing happened …

Cutting Edge: Female Noir

Legendary novelist and short story writer (and fellow Milwaukee-lover), Joyce Carol Oates, asked me to contribute a story to another Akashic noir collection: Cutting Edge: Female Noir. I’m sweating as I type this because the other contributors include Aimee Bender, Margaret Atwood, Edwidge Danticat, and Valerie Martin. My story, “The Boy Without a Bike,” enlists another gay female protagonist in some “trailer park noir.” The book was published in November 2019 and you can get a copy from Akashic Books or your local, independent bookseller!

 Meet Me Halfway coverVirtual Author Visit to Your Book Club!

If your book club, community organization, workplace, church, school, or other group commits to reading Meet Me Halfway, I will make a Virtual Author Visit to your group (via Skype, Google, FaceTime, etc.) — for free! Just let me know via the contact form on this site and we’ll make a plan.

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