I teach workshops that help artists, writers, and public speakers give a name to the message they were put here to deliver, unleash the power of their words, and employ all the complex attributes of the thing we call “voice.” I enjoy working with both youth and adults.

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“Hearing Voices”: Online Course on Character Voice

5-Week Course starts October 24, 2017

Hearing Voices is an opportunity to learn how to listen like a linguist to create authentic, believable, distinctive character voices that your audiences will remember. Fiction and nonfiction writers, as well as storytellers and performance artists, will benefit from this 5-session online course taught by 2016 Wisconsin Book of the Year author, Jennifer Morales. Her collection of interconnected short stories, Meet Me Halfway: Milwaukee Stories (UW Press), was lauded by critics for its powerful representation of a range of the city’s voices.

In addition to learning new skills in the creation of distinct character voices, we will practice revising existing work and consider the ethics of depicting the voices of characters from language groups different from your own.

Head to the course page on Ruzuku to sign up!

Praise for the voices in Meet Me Halfway

“Morales fully inhabits the astonishingly diverse voices of her characters, allowing us to connect with them and their linked stories as they struggle to connect with each other in an ever-shifting cultural landscape.”

—Jenn Crowell, author of Necessary Madness and Etched on Me

“Jennifer Morales does nothing halfway—she throws herself full-force into the heart of Milwaukee, into the lives of her characters, and demands that the reader meet them with just as much empathy and respect. A stunning, stirring collection, one that will inspire dialogue and maybe even change.”

—Gayle Brandeis, author of The Book of Dead Birds, winner of the Bellwether Prize for Fiction of Social Engagement

“Morales convincingly lets us see through the eyes of a young black boy, a racist white woman, a narrow-minded substitute teacher, a lesbian woman, a left-wing housewife, and many more real lives. There are surprises here, and real people to remember.”

—Martha Bergland, author of A Farm Under a Lake

Morales stories provide glimpses into the sometimes-unpleasant realities of urban Wisconsin, where cultures collide. One character in the books says, “Tell me your address and I’ll tell you your color,” illustrating the startling degree to which Milwaukee is segregated along racial lines. Meet Me Halfway blurs those lines by shifting narrative perspectives, encouraging the reader to empathize with characters of different political views, genders, economic levels, races, ages, and sexual identities. This beautiful book brings much-needed diversity to the canon of Wisconsin literature and will be an exciting new addition to my course on Wisconsin authors.

—”Cheesehead Lit 101,” Wisconsin Academy of Arts and Sciences, Marc Seals, Associate Professor of English, UW-Baraboo